Key Milestones
The Soviet astronomer Nikolai Kardashev created the Kardashev scale (Kardashev, 1964) that quantifies the technological advancement of civilizations based on the energy production, comprised of three categories, Type I, II, and III. According to physicist and futurist Michio Kaku earth civilization is currently a Type 0 Kardashev scale and is predicted to reach Type I status in 100–200 years, Type II status in 1,000+ years, and Type III status in 100,000 1 M. years. A Type II civilization, a stellar civilization encompasses the total energy of the star or binary star in the host solar system, referred to as a Dyson sphere, which transfers the bulk of the energy output to the Type II civilization. Lastly, the most advanced theoretical civilization involves a Type III galactic civilization that utilizes the majority of the available energy resources of the host galaxy, such as Earth's host galaxy, the Milky Way. Given Physicist Kaku assertion that in approximately 100-200 years, earth civilization will gain Type I status resulting in extraordinary advances in technology, the lofty goal of Type I, where the entire energy resources of the earth including most of the geothermal energy with the mantel and crust of the earth is utilized. Similarly, this study presents artifact evidence of an advanced civilization that is either near or has already attained the Type I Kardashev status. 


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