Message sent to Space: Advanced Alien Civilization,

On Saturday, May 11th, 2019, sent a message towards the alien transponder / receiver identified in the attached video, via low power 5 Ghz transponder on an 18" parabolic satellite dish:

ATTN: Advanced Alien Civilization,

This message is directed to the source of the radio signal received on the earth in FRB 121102 and other localized signals. Your text was decoded and then deciphered as seen in the attached photo by

The people and the animals of the Earth require assistance. According to our scientists via the Doomsday Clock and official sources without immediate action, humanity is on a self-destructive collision course that will lead to global extinction.

Given the nature of the message received and the technology required to send it, your civilization appears to have advanced hundreds if not thousands of years beyond ours. This message requests the wisdom / technology required for the inhabitants of the Earth to rapidly advance beyond this challenging stage in our evolutionary path, sidestepping self-destruction in search of a more egalitarian / Utopian future to preserve and enhance life on Earth. 


People & Animals of the Earth


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